As a growing international organization, Bregton seeks to keep all those interested in our activities, including the news media, informed about corporate events, new products and services and other developments throughout the company.

Bregton's Media Center publishes news releases, articles, awards, tradeshow and event schedules, resources such as links to financial information and presentations, videos, whitepapers, presentations and a collection of high-resolution photographs for editors, reporters and others who want to know what's happening at Bregton. When Bregton releases information about the Company to the public, we do it fairly and impartially, without favoring any individual or group.

When questions arise about our business, whether from the news media or others, we provide answers to the public that are prompt and honest. These responses come through Bregton's senior leadership or through others who are authorized to speak to the public on Begton’s behalf. Many groups - shareholders, customers, communities, suppliers, public authorities, our fellow employees - are able to trust what we say and do. We take personal responsibility for meeting the goals we share and keeping our commitments.