Satisfied customers are essential to success of Bregton. The key point of Bregton’s business strategy is to achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer wants and delivering it flawlessly.

Bregton’s superb technology, world-class production systems, most up-to-date, fully automated and numerically controlled facilities and equipment making Bregton's products most attractive for international customers.

Benefits for Industry

1. BREGTON OEM SYSTEM facilitates international partnerships and provides a platform to combine complementary skills. BREGTON OEM SYSTEM provides access to technology that might not be available within a region and offers the possibility to address leading-edge production challenges.

2. Through cooperation in BREGTON OEM System, costs, burdens and risks related to OEM can be reduced and shared. By combining end-users of manufacturing technologies with advanced technology producers and research institutions, BREGTON OEM SYSTEM research is industry-driven and focused on real-world issues ensuring the market relevance of technology improvements.

3. BREGTON OEM SYSTEM offers technology trials on a large-scale basis, involving a global user community and ensuring general applicability of the technology developed. Inter-regional cooperation in BREGTON OEM SYSTEM can contribute to global diffusion of manufacturing technologies, including the development of new international manufacturing standards.

4. For new businesses, BREGTON OEM SYSTEM offers the opportunity to "go global" safely and effectively, and to cooperate on an equal footing with large firms.

Bregton OEM objectives

> to enable greater sophistication in OEM operations;

> to create new products in accordance with requirements of our customers;

> to improve the quality of the manufacturing environment;

> to develop a recognized and respected discipline of manufacturing

> to respond effectively to the globalization of manufacturing;

the advancement of manufacturing professionalism worldwide by providing global recognition and establishing an educational discipline for manufacturing.

BREGTON places a strong emphasis on all the objectives

> cost

> quality

> delivery

> flexibility

OEM Process

> Clean manufacturing processes

> Energy efficient processes

> Technology innovation in manufacturing processes

> More flexibility and autonomy in processing modules that compose manufacturing systems

> Better interaction or harmony among various components and functions of manufacturing

OEM Strategy / Planning

> Methods and tools to support process re-engineering

> Modeling tools to support the analysis and development of manufacturing strategies

OEM Human / Organization

> Promotion and development projects for an improved image of manufacturing

> Better manufacturing workforce/education and training

> More effective operation of autonomous offshore plants

> Improved corporate technical memory

> Development of appropriate performance measures for new manufacturing paradigms

OEM Virtual / Extended Enterprise

Information processes and logistics across the value chain business, functional and technical architectures in support of engineering cooperation concurrent engineering across the extended enterprise assigning cost liability/risk and reward to the elements of the extended enterprise team.

OEM Priority Areas

Within the context of the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM technical themes, several areas for special emphasis have been identified as priority areas within the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM Program. These priorities, which cut across the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM technical themes listed above, are:

Organization of BREGTON OEM

BREGTON Board of Directors

The BREGTON OEM SYSTEM is overseen by the BREGTON board of directors. Its members are drawn from eminent representatives from both industry and academia.

The main responsibility of the BREGTON board of directors is to provide overall guidance, to set strategic priorities for the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM Program and to oversee program implementation.

BREGTON International Operations Group ( IOG)

The BREGTON IOG has the responsibility to support the BREGTON OEM activities in the day-to-day operations of the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM Program and provides administrative support for BREGTON OEM SYSTEM.

The BREGTON IOG is responsible for coordinating proposal review, liaising with endorsed projects and disseminating project information, as well as for international marketing.

The BREGTON IOG maintains the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM global web portal, BREGTON OEM SYSTEM e-Mall and acts as a repository of information on BREGTON OEM SYSTEM. It has a special role in interfacing with prospective new participants.

BREGTON Regional Headquarters

For the implementation of BREGTON OEM SYSTEM at the regional level, BREGTON has set up Regional Headquarters. Their responsibility is the day-to-day operations of BREGTON OEM SYSTEM in the regions, including regional marketing and promotion of BREGTON OEM SYSTEM, prospective partner searches in the regions, and logistics support for the development of BREGTON OEM SYSTEM projects.

Regional Headquarters are typically the point of entry for entities interested in participating in the BREGTON OEM SYSTEM Program. Interested entities are encouraged to contact their Regional Headquarters early on in the process of deciding whether to participate in any BREGTON OEM SYSTEM projects.

Regional Headquarters provide various support services to industry and research partners in BREGTON OEM SYSTEM projects at all stages including; partner searches in the development phase, reviews and approvals of abstracts, proposals, and consortium agreements.

BREGTON Training

BREGTON OEM modern system offers more, however, than a pool of cheap workers for manufacturing. It is creating a vast core of engineers and technicians for more advanced work. Since the creation day , BREGTON has trained thousands of people, including plant and company managers, in technical and business skills, as part of its long-term effort to build a pool of educated professionals.

Nowadays BREGTON has plenty of trained engineers, including senior-level people. They represent a significant reservoir of talent by any measure. And the competence of this pool is rapidly increasing in large part because of many years of BREGTON education and training programs. BREGTON is rapidly expanding its cadres of high-knowledge workers.

Upgrading technical skills and entrepreneurial development are the BREGTON common support programs used for improving the technical skills of stuff, involved in OEM manufacturing and testing activities. Such technical upgrading may include: on-location skill upgrading, distance learning, participatory self-training programs, and training through technology development and diffusion centers.

Ultimately, the BREGTON control of production is determined not only by staff training, but also by capability of strong quality control. BREGTON made excellent progress toward the goals stated in BREGTON plan of reorganizing and upgrading the whole manufacturing process in China to meet the highest international standards of the industry.