Our business must produce a profit, and we must generate superior returns on the assets entrusted to us by our shareholders. We will ensure our success by satisfying our customers and increasing shareholder value.

The Bregton management is overseen by the Board of Directors. Its members are drawn from eminent representatives from both industry and academia. The main responsibility of the Bregton Board of Directors is to provide overall guidance, to set strategic priorities for the Bregton development and to oversee program implementation.

The primary role of Bregton 's Board of Directors is to oversee how management serves the interests of shareowners and other stakeholders. To do this, Bregton's Directors have adopted corporate governance principles aimed at ensuring that the Board is independent and fully informed on the key risks and strategic issues facing Bregton.

The Board’s oversight responsibilities include:

Our Board committees review, audit and oversee the performance and policies of all our businesses. Meet the committees that are responsible for ensuring quality, compliance and integrity at Bregton. It is the Board's policy that the directors should attend our Annual Meeting of Shareowners absent exceptional circumstances

The Board believes that CEO selection and management succession are among its most important responsibilities, and the Board therefore works closely with senior management to ensure that effective plans for management succession are in place.

As part of this process, the CEO shall review the Company’s succession plans with respect to the CEO and other senior management with the Governance Committee, and both the Governance Committee and the CEO shall deliver reports to the Board on succession planning, in each case at least annually.

Working with the Governance Committee and senior management, the Board identifies the qualities and characteristics for the CEO and other senior management positions that reflect the Company’s long-term strategy.