Bregton always maintains integrity in its financial reporting and business records. For the sake of our shareholders, creditors, and others, we strive to generate reliable financial reports and business records.

Bregton is committed to full, fair, timely, accurate, and understandable disclosure in the reports and documents it files or submits to the Securities and Exchange Commission and regulators around the globe. We prepare our business records and financial reports with integrity and honesty, whether they are externally reported or used internally to oversee the Company’s operations.

Bregton reports all the concerns about financial, accounting, and auditing matters, as well as issues regarding business records, through the appropriate Company channels.

Putting the interests of the shareholders as top priority is of great importance to Bregton .

Seeing company mission in protecting investments and creating shareholder value, Bregton first and foremost considers the interests of shareholders in its business actions.

Therefore, when formulating a strategic plan for long-term development Bregton focuses primarily on the proper distribution of funds.

Below the graphs show the main trends in the distribution of funds by Bregton. Throughout the history of the development of the company's key are as of work are:

Besides, Bregton realizes profit growth selling products in a rapidly growing market, increasing the amount it sells to its existing customers, gaining market share from its competitors, diversifying into new lines of business.

These strategic decisions, in consideration of all the factors discussed are providing the company with high return on investments and profit growth.

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