Bregton consistently grows the value of our shareholder’s returns, the value of our clients’ oil and gas businesses, and the opportunities for our employees’ career success and future.

Bregton’s growth comes from a proven track record of seeing where the industry is headed and then shaping the company accordingly. We are always moving forward.

Bregton’s continued external and organic growth offers you the opportunity for an exciting, high-powered career with great potential for personal advancement.


Bregton is the world's leading supplier of oil well equipment components and the largest manufacturer of impellers and diffusers for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP). Additionally, Bregton designs and manufactures a full spectrum of spare parts and components for oil well equipment.

As a major products and service provider to leading international companies, Bregton is the prime contractor for the large-scale projects in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. The company also provides numerous oil well support services.

Being the world's leading oilfield supplies and services company, Bregton is providing the most complete range of products and services from surface seismic to drilling, formation evaluation, well completion and stimulation services, production optimization, reservoir studies, well construction and integrated project management.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, Bregton employs thousands of employees across China and in 15 countries. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere.

Bregton leverages strong local experience and the diversity in thought, background, and knowledge that more than 20 nationalities bring. Bregton’s specialists invent, design, engineer, and apply technologies that help customers find and produce oil and gas more efficiently and safely—often in remote and challenging locations.

As the demand for equipment increases so does our need for hardworking, fresh talent to meet the engineering and technical challenges of today’s upstream oil and gas business. Bregton has many career opportunities that will let you prove your abilities from your first day of work, and gives you the training and support you need to succeed throughout your career.

We aim to do business in a consistent and transparent way with all our clients and do not hold equity stakes in our customers' assets. Customers place a great deal of trust in us, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive and confidential information. Our reputation for integrity and fair dealing is vitally important in winning and retaining this trust.

We're looking for men and women to join our global family in this effort. If you're ambitious, innovative, and hardworking, a Bregton career may be for you.