For talented individuals, growth opportunities at Bregton are as vast as the world itself. From the design and engineering of new state-of-the-art industrial plant in China to developing new marketing programs for all emerging markets, you can go as far as your hard work and determination will take you.

“Young talents” is a unique program for new Bregton employees. Its role is to encourage new hire enthusiasm by fostering networks and cross-divisional relationships. The program provides a channel that increases communication and networking among all new hires and assists in the onboarding experience.

Whether “Young talents” are attending meetings with Bregton leadership, playing intramural sports or participating in community activities, it’s evident that they are consistently developing quality Bregton relationships. Over the years, many Bregton employees have found that it’s the networks you develop within our organization that can help you successfully navigate personal and professional challenges.

“Young talents” program makes navigating Bregton’s global matrix a whole lot simpler by providing new employees with a resource to actively seek out different points of view. As your journey continues, you’ll maintain contact with a diverse group of people through email and internal communications.

Bregton's Technical Education Program is a global, award-winning continuing education initiative that delivers current and emerging education to our technical community.

Delivered through the convenience of distance learning technologies, the program provides high quality, flexible education for Bregton employees.