Started as a small-size English steelmaking company, today Bregton is an international corporation with offices and branches in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Employing thousands people worldwide, Bregton company is implementing a new global policy aimed at localization. This includes product development, design, sales, marketing, and consumer services to satisfy local customers.

Bregton manufactures full range products for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), including impellers and diffusers, bearings, bushings, washers and a lot of other components, which are supplied under two brands ( Bregton and GC ).

Bregton manufacturing facilities are located in the most developed Eastern Industrial area of China - Tianjin Dabei Indusrial district, which is situated in the heart of the political, financial and industrial center of China, only 150 km from Beijing and 30 km from the the Sea port of Tianjin , with total area around 7 thousand square kilometers. Bregton Metal Working Plant has more than 7 thousand square meters of land. The annual capacity manufacturing facilities is 2.5 million castings and up to 1 million of impellers and diffusers for electrical submersible pumps. Bregton manufacturing facilities include

Engineering department

The Engineering Department of Bregton adjusts design requirements to fit clients’ needs. The engineering department is provided with the up-to-date technical and IT means for the development of its activities, such as:

  • 3D software for the design of parts and assemblies, based on which the corresponding drawings are rendered
  • Software for the calculation of stress and deflection in parts applying the finite element method, besides technical calculations.
  • Performance diagnosis software by means of Ultrasounds, Vibrations, and Infrared.
  • Performance monitoring software by means of the analysis of operating parameters.

Bregton engineering analysis is an effective tool to calculate quickly the effect of design and operating parameter of every component. To improve the efficiency of mixed flow pump, Bregton engineering department uses the most advanced tool of the submersible pump industry – the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, allowing to predict the flow pattern inside the impeller, which is an active pump component. From the results of CFD analysis, the velocity and pressure in the outlet of the impeller is predicted. CFD analyses are done using a special software, developed by Bregton specialists.

Pattern shops

  • Bregton climate controlled pattern shop is fully equipped to meet Customer supplied requirements and specifications and offers competitive models based on 3D technology and skilled craftsmanship.
  • Bregton full-time master pattern makers have the expertise to develop tooling from your supplied prints, models, or drawings. We can also adapt your existing tooling to fit our facility, make necessary repairs and maintain patterns for accuracy.
  • Bregton also has 10,000 sq. ft. of dedicated warehouse space alarmed for security and fire protection of customer’s tooling. These multiple warehouses are conveniently located adjacent to the Foundry and retrofitted with custom fabricated racks which provide organization for quick and easy access.

Mold Shops

A mixture of carefully selected high quality sand, clay and distilled water are compacted against the pattern surface to form the shape of the future casting.

Bregton uses new semi-automatic mold creation line, that making the manufacturing process flexible and suited to a wide range of production levels. To improve the dimensional accuracy and surface finish, molding sand, wax and other modern materials are compacted at high pressure.

Casting shops

Bregton has Induction and Cupola furnaces with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million castings for Electrical Submersible Pumps.

It is a world class renowned Foundry. More than 50% of its annual production is exported to different countries. It is capable of producing a wide spectrum of cast iron castings like heat resistant, acid resistant, Hi-chrome, wear resistant, Compacted Graphite iron castings etc.

Machine shops

Test facilities

Since its foundation, Bregton Ltd and it’s people have helped redefine the meaning of manufacturing and supplying high quality industrial components for electrical submersible pumps (ESP) and other equipment. The firm has continually broken new ground in pioneering the global expansion of cutting edge products and technologies, and in providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

Nowadays, Bregton Ltd has evolved from a small UK steel making factory into an international corporation with wide range of components for oil well industrial equipment.

Bregton's history reflects a series of collaborations in the effort to advance science and industry. These manufacturing collaborations with a group of scientific visionaries — ranging from Henry Bessemer to Armais Arutunoff — created the foundation of scientific and industrial synergy.

In its present form, Bregton is a young company. But it stems from an industrial tradition going back almost 200 years. We are proud of that heritage, and of the many milestones en route to today's leading position worldwide.