Using state-of the-arts technologies, improvements in the materials and coating processes, Bregton manufacture impellers and diffusers of a very wear-resistant elasticity and toughness, providing reliable working in fluids with a high abrasive content. After 5 thousand operating hours, submersible pumps with Bregton components do not exhibit any symptoms of abrasive wear, such as increased vibrations or balance liquid quantity.

Profitability of any oilfield depends on ESP runlife. Bregton impeller and diffuser coating technologies optimize the runlife of an ESP by several advanced methods.

Bregton optimizes traditional coatings and technologies and developing modern ones, such as:

1) Coating with cobalt-bound tungsten carbide, using a high velocity oxyflame (HVOF).

2) Sprayforming of Sputtering Targets ( SST ) enabling rapid fabrication of rotary sputtering targets of tin, zinc and aluminum alloys at rates exceeding 30lbs/min, providing improved density and lower gas content.

3) Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) - depositing dense hard oxide coatings on aluminum, magnesium, titanium and nickel alloys. These coatings are harder and denser than those obtained by anodizing.

4) Electroless Nickel Plating ( ENP ) - an autocatalytic chemical reaction to form a nickel-phosphorus ( plus molybdenum, wolfram, manganese ) deposition on metal parts rather than an electric current. The mechanical properties of ENP deposits can be further enhanced not only by the co-deposition of inert particles such as Teflon, silicon carbide or boron nitride, but also by alloying with a third element, forming a ternary alloy of NiPX, where X can be copper, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese or tin depending on the particular formulation.

5) High-chrome metallurgy ( HCM ) for housing and bar stock parts. The enhanced metallurgies have demonstrated excellent results in substantially increasing run life in severely corrosive conditions.

6) New materials such as Super Duplex SS or Boronized Ni-Resist are available to allow for additional protection in extremely corrosive or abrasive services.

Using newest materials and technologies allows Bregton to produce Impellers and diffusers, which require less energy to run and have a lower moment of inertia (less start up load), can improve bearing and mechanical seal life, and ultimately produce less vibration and shaft deflection, thus reducing the costs of replacing a bent or broken shaft or the noise of an impeller running out of alignment, provide additional pump rotor stability and extend life of equipment.

An important feature of the Bregton products is the combination of rigid stainless steel shaft construction and extra flexible design of impeller and diffuser.


Bregton impellers and diffusers comply with electrical submersible pumps producing fluid in both low-and high-volume, brownfield (mature) and greenfield (new) applications and can be assembled in either floater or compression configurations to meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Bregron impellers and diffusers are constructed to improve performance in viscous fluids and to reduce the effects of sand and scaling. Available in radial-flow and mixed-flow designs, our electrical submersible pump components provide some of the highest efficiency and head-per-stage ratings in their class range.

Advances in design and manufacturing are making Bregton impellers, diffusers and other ESP components more resilient in hostile downhole environments, qualifying them for service at greater depth, increasing their gas­handling capability and making them more resistant to solids and abrasives.

Bregton improvements in metallurgy, nano-composite materials and elastomers are making ESP systems more resistant to abrasion caused by sand and agressive environment.

By extending the range of operating temperatures, gas handling and abrasive resistance of impellers and diffusers, Bregton pumps can be installed in wells that were once considered beyond the realm of ESP applications.

Originally designed for installation in hostile environments exemplified by harsh winter conditions, our electrical submersible pump’s components can handle extremes in surface and downhole temperatures and withstand drastic temperature changes.

Bregton design accounts for variable expansion and contraction rates of different materials used in the pump, and components are rated for internal operating temperatures of 288°C. Bregton components, such as impellers, diffusers, bearings, etc., have been redesigned, constructed or coated with special materials to withstand high temperatures and improve system reliability.

Bregton high-temperature-resistant components have been used extensively in various parts of the world to recover up to to 15°API bitumen and heavy oil, and even in conditions of unconsolidated sands with bottom hole pressures of 2 to 3 MPa and bottom hole producing temperatures up to to 400°F.

ESP with Bregton components not only can produce at higher volumes and handle fluids better than other systems, but, at the same time, provide improved run-life of the equipment.

Since the beginning of this century, the cutting-edge Bregton line of ESPs has evolved to handle high volumes of fluid, high gas/oil ratios, high temperatures and abrasive fluids in onshore and offshore applications. The engineering improvements implemented for increased reliability and efficient installation in the harsh conditions of Siberia will inevitably serve to make the next generation of ESPs even better.